Why choose Luftfartsskolen and CAE

  • EXPERIENCE: Does the provider have the experience and financial security that comes with years of professional flight training? Has it been in business at the same location for many years?
  • LFS has been training pilots since 1972 and CAE-Stockholm (formerly SAS Flight Academy and Oxford Aviation) started their training centre in Stockholm at Arlanda Airport in 1988. CAE is today the world’s leading independent provider of aviation training.


  • LFS is a national accredited school through the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). This means you can be sure that our courses and programs are being constantly reviewed for the performance in the quality of the education you receive.

  • COST OF TRAINING AND FINANCING: Is the provider moderately priced, without sacrificing quality of training? Does the provider offer financing options? 
  • We challenge you to find a more comprehensive and competitive self sponsored training offer! LFS offer student loan and scholarship through Laanekassen in Norway.


  • FINANCIAL SECURITY: A self sponsored course is a huge financial investment; a crucial element is that your training provider provides a history of financial strength as well as training expertise and excellence. You are welcome to check out both LFS and CAEs financial status whenever you want.

  • More than 900 self sponsored pilots have been successfully trained by CAE-Stocholm during the last 7 years, and more than 350 fixed wing students have finished their training in the same period with LFS.

  • Having a Type Rating performed at CAE provides the candidate with a recognition few other TRTOs can provide. This is an essential element in a job market becoming more and more international.

    If you feel you have been provided with a more competitive offer please let us know and we will be more than happy to review your proposal and see if we are in position to improve on the program provided.