MCC Ryanair SOP (B737)

Luftfartsskolen arranges Multi Crew Cooperation courses based on Ryanair Standard Operating Procedures in cooperation with CAE / Oxford Aviation Academy at Stockholm Arlanda. The MCC course has been developed in close collaboration with Ryanair instructors.

The MCC course is divided into a theoretical and a practical section. The objective is to connect the two, through a well-defined flying program, where CRM theory will be demonstrated through the simulator manoeuvres. The MCC course will be focused on improving students communicational skills and teach them how to recognize the various traps hidden in human interaction when working through the selected CRM/MCC topics.

The MCC course at Luftfartsskolen and CAE is the perfect step in your flight training, you will both learn MCC and CRM along with Ryanair SOP in a full flight jet simulator. The course will enhance your chances when performing a simulator check.

Training objectives
The training objective consists of optimising decision-making, communication, use of checklists, co-operation, mutual surveillance and support through the different phases of flight through normal, abnormal, and emergency situations. The training puts emphasis on the development of non-technical skills when working in a multi crew environment.

Training content
Web-based technical training. Day 1-3: Classroom Lessons (1 day prep.subject + 2 days CRM) the theoretical parts are closely integrated with the syllabus content of the simulator sessions.
Day 4: Self Study + Pilot Open Day.
Day 5 - 9: Group 1 - 20 hours (5 sessions) of practical simulator training (B737).
Day 10 - 14: Group 2 - 20 hours (5 sessions) of practical simulator training (B737).

The course meets Part-FCL requirements.

Pilot Open Day (MCC day 5)
Luftfartsskolen and CAE will give you useful information of how to increase your career opportunities as a pilot. Luftfartsskolen and CAE have been in co-operation for a long time supplying flight training. During this Pilot Open Day we will focus on the aviation market and how to stay skilled as a commercial pilot. Information regarding type ratings, line training, how to write CV and the market outlook are some of the subjects during this Pilot Open Day.

Accommodation and travel during your stay at CAE in Stockholm
Typical rates for accommodation per night in the Arlanda area are Euro 50-120. Sharing a double room with your crew partner will of course dramatically lower the cost. For longer stays when participating in the self sponsored MCC and Type Ratings courses the BoKloster VillaHotel is our recommended low budget alternative.

Application Requirements
  • Have a valid multi-engine instrument rating.
  • Have a flight crew license (theoretical ATPL with valid EASA CPL).
  • Have a valid PART-FCL Class 1 Medical.
  • Must be fluent in English, minimum ICAO level 4.



B737CL  SEK 45.000
B737NG SEK 49.500


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