Airbus 320 Type Rating

Comprehensive Type Rating Preparation Package
Aircraft CBT that covers Aeroplane Systems, CAE Type rating Work book, web based distribution format to keep track of the amount of studies and the duration. 12 months unlimited access.

Type rating skills protection plan
Students having successfully performed an CAE assessment (simulator, interview, aptitude and psychometric) is guaranteed a successful outcome of the training, if not successful the tuition will be refunded (certain conditions apply).

Initial refresher revalidation training
CAE will provide the Full Flight Simulator time free of charge and, the student will pay for the instructor when performing the initial refresher training. Performing the refresher 11 months after the skill test will extend the validity of the type rating to 24 months from the date of the initial type rating skill test

Free simulator time
Airlines are provided with simulator time that is free of charge for the assessment of the CAE self sponsored candidates (certain conditions apply).

Financial security
A self sponsored course is a huge financial investment; a crucial element is that your training provider has a history of financial strength as well as training expertise and excellence.

More than 900 self sponsored pilots have been successfully trained during the last 7 year period.

Pilot self-sponsorship of a type rating will enhance career options and marketability for pilots. A type course can bridge the gap to a well-paid F/O position in an established airline environment.

Paramount in this is ensuring that the type training provider is able to deliver high quality training beyond the regulatory requirements.

LFS and CAE offer experience, airline connections and a history of delivering competitive high quality training courses to low experienced as well as high experienced pilots.

Prerequisites and specifications
Before commencing a type rating course, the applicant shall have:

  • 200 hrs including 100 hours PIC for modular trainees or 70 hours as PIC for integrated candidates
  • A valid ICAO/PART-FCL: CPL(A) with ME IR
  • MCC certificate and theoretical knowledge equal to the requirements for the issuance of an ATPL(A)
  • Have an acceptable level of knowledge of the English language (equivalent to ICAO level 4).

The length and contents of the course is determined according to prior flight experience

The training requires an even number of pilots/students (complete crews) to be performed. Two co-pilots are accepted as a crew, except for the skill test, where a Captain is needed. Any cost involved for a CAA inspector is additional.

CAE instructors are included in the type rating prices. Jeppesen Plates will be used. Training documentation is included. During the course CAE will supply each student with Manuals, AOM, QRH, These shall be returned to CAE after the skill test before the aircraft training.

Other Services
Hotel accommodation and rental cars can be arranged upon request, subject to availability.
Local transportation between airport terminals and CAE is often free of charge by shuttle buses.

Course Start

Contact Erin Van Londen / CAE for more info and course start.