CAE / Oxford Aviation Academy, Stockholm Arlanda

CPL license, IR/ME and Frozen ATPL

Training device
B737NG Full Flight Simulator

Course objective and content
The course will provide the students with enhanced B737NG technical knowledge for an extended time period of 12 months and a comprehensive overview and preparation for an assessment in a Jet Simulator (in this case the B737NG).

Training material
The training material includes TR prep package and JOC work book.
Jet Orientation Course

Prepare yourself for your airline selection assessments as well as your first type rating by learning jet handling skills in our Full Flight B737-NG simulator.

The transition from flying slower aircraft to your first type rating in multi pilot aircraft at airliner jet speeds can be challenging, especially when you are also learning airline standard operating procedures (SOPs). This is the perfect course to enhance you skills.

The web based B737NG Type Rating Prep package offers unsurpassed possibilities to enhance your theoretical knowledge in preparation for an interview. The CBT complies with the requirements of theoretical knowledge instruction mentioned in AMC FCL 1.261(a) for a B737NG type rating course and covers systems description and description of operational procedures. The CBT course contains approximately 40 hours of instruction and you are provided 12 month access to the material.

Contact Erin Van Londen / CAE for more info.